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2015 Honda Ridgeline

As one of the most popular vehicle from its class on the U.S. car market, Ridgeline probably will not have so soon presentation for model 2015 Honda Ridgeline. From some reason, it could be wait for 2016, following situation with the sale of previous models. It’s hard to find out the real cause this policy of the company, especially for some that is leader in sector of truck. But, some rumors are that 2015 Honda will have presentation on some of the car show and released date in saloon will be  end of 2014 year. With this somewhat mysterious approach, the company is forcing competitors to ask themselves what to expect with the new model, and the story of 2015 models and rumors go in their favor. Good marketink trick, sure!

2015 Honda Ridgeline interior

2015 Honda Ridgeline: Changes

Changes are inevitable in the drive section, it is certain that the engine of the previous model is the past. The new 3.7-liter engine is the first of the options that will appear in this section. It is known that the engine is paired with a six-speed transmission, the CVT or VS version. Using lighter materials for building vehicles are also novelty, which will increase fuel efficiency. On this topic, almost all work in the truck category and surely that will be expected enhanced features in this domain.

2015 Honda Ridgeline: Concept

2015 Honda Ridgeline will kept recognizable look and concept, but with innovations in both, exterior and interior. As for lighter matertials for building, most will do with aluminium and reduced weight of vehicle. New spectar of colour is also expect, so now Ridgeline will be offered and in  brown, white and some of dark variants colours. Atractive look will be completed with new design of grille.

2015 Honda Ridgeline rear view

2015 Honda Ridgeline: Price

As the technical stuff are constantly upgrading and offers some new forms of communication, it is inevitable that the 2015 Honda Ridgeline  will follows the latest twechnical changes. On this way, passengers can feel the completely pleasure of driving. This vehicle that can accomodate up to 5 passengers makes owner fully satisfied in equipment and safety driving.

How it all still under a veil of secrecy by the producers of this model, we do not have accurate information regarding the price of this vehicle. It is expected that it may not be something a lot bigger than the price of previous model. Starting price of predecessor is around $ 32,000 and goes up to  $ 37,000.

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